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TOR browser is a free browser based on Firefox. You can download it from the official website of the developer. To do this, go to the website www.torproject.org select the language and click on the "Download"button. After that, the download of the installation files will begin.

download TOR browser

By default, the site will offer to download a version of TOR browser that is suitable for your operating system. If you want to download a version for another OS, you can do so here.


Goo browser Tor


Step 2. Install TOR browser.

At the stage of TOR installation, the browser does not require any additional configuration. Everything happens automatically, you just need to follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. So first you need to select the browser language.

language selection

And then the folder in which the TOR browser will be installed.

folder selection

After that, you will only have to wait until the installation is complete.

installing TOR browser

Step 3. Start and configure tor browser.

After starting the TOR browser, you will see a window called "TOR Network settings".

Two buttons are available here: Connect and Configure. If you click on the "Connect" button, the TOR browser will start working with the standard settings. This option is suitable for most cases.

Connect button

The "Configure" button will start manual configuration of the browser TOR. This option can be useful if you are connecting to the Internet through a proxy server or if your Internet service provider is blocking the TOR network. First of all, the TOR browser will first ask if your Internet provider is blocking the TOR network. If there are no problems connecting to the TOR network or you are not sure, select NO.

bridge configuration

If you select "Yes", then TOR browser will offer to configure bridges. A bridge is a point on the TOR network whose address is not published in the TOR documentation. You can download the list of bridges on the website bridges.torproject.org ahhh!

bridge configuration

After configuring the bridges, the TOR browser will offer to configure the Internet connection through a proxy server. If you connect to the Internet directly (without using a proxy server), here you need to select "NO".

setting up a proxy server

If you use a proxy server to connect to the Internet, select YES and configure the connections. TOR browser will ask you to choose the type of proxy server, its IP address, as well as other proxy-related settings.

setting up a proxy server

After configuring the proxy server, you just need to click on the connect button and the TOR browser will connect to the Internet via the TOR network.

Step 4. Check the TOR browser settings.

If you have correctly configured the TOR browser, the screen should appear: "Congratulations! This browser is configured to use TOR."

TOR browser is configured

If on the screen there was an inscription: "Alas. At the moment you are not using TOR", it means that there is something wrong with TOR browser settings and it is impossible to connect to TOR network. In this case, you can press the bulb button and select "TOR network Settings" or just press the S key on your keyboard.

TOR network settings

After that, you can re-configure the TOR browser.

Step 5. Change the IP address in the TOR browser.

Immediately after connecting to the Internet via TOR network you get a new IP address. But, if necessary, this address can be changed. To do this, click on the button in the form of an onion and select the menu item "new TOR chain for this site".

change IP address

After that, the page will refresh and you will get a new IP address. You can check how it works on any website to check the IP address